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Paris attractions: Visit the Asian Art Museum to see travellers' impressive collections

People seeking things to do in Paris could immerse themselves in the world of eastern art at the Asian Art Museum.

It is a must-see for any art fans in the capital, and is one of the city's oldest museums.

The Musee National des Arts Asiatiques is an unrivalled collection and major centre for the appreciation and knowledge of Asian civilisations.

It's collection was built from the merging of a number of other collections, with the very first contribution coming from the personal catalogue of renowned industrialist Emile Guimet.

The wealthy man spent a lot of time travelling the world, and along the way picked up a large collection of objects, which he then displayed in a Lyon museum.

However, it was then moved to Paris where it was joined up with pieces discovered by famed explorer Louis Delaporte, who had traversed Siam and Cambodia.

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Posted by Georgina Black

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